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Are you experiencing trouble in reclaiming your deposit?

DepoClaim helps tenants in recovering their paid deposit.

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What we do

DepoClaim helps tenants in recovering their paid deposit. It often occurs after a rental period has ended that landlords no longer reply to letters sent by tenants to reclaim their deposit. Also, landlords frequently call upon unclear and ambiguous reasons to withhold the deposit. In this way, the deposit is often unlawfully kept by the landlord. DepoClaim represents and helps (ex)-tenants who are experiencing problems regarding the recovery of their deposit. Also, DepoClaim checks rental contracts for unlawful provisions.

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The procedure in steps

The reclaiming process explained

DepoClaim works intensively to reclaim your deposit as soon as possible. As long as DepoClaim has no success, you will not have any obligations towards DepoClaim. This means that DepoClaim is working in line with the No Cure No Pay principle

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Why us?

About us

We are Koen Dorsman and Victor Stijntjes and we are helping international tenants, predominantly in reclaiming property deposits. We combine our experience in the field of real estate with our knowledge of Dutch rental and procedural law. This makes us a unique duo and allows us to strive for our goal: doing our part in bringing justice to the Dutch property market.

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