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Are you experiencing trouble with your landlord?

DepoClaim helps tenants with their rental problems, including recovering the paid deposit.

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What we do

DepoClaim helps tenants with their rental problems, including recovering paid deposits. This help always starts with free advice. It often occurs that landlords keep the deposit after the rental contract has ended. Also, landlords charge unlawful costs at the beginning of the contract, such as administration costs. In this way landlords make use of their bargaining power and are enriched unlawfully. DepoClaim represents and helps tenants who are experiencing or those who experienced housing problems in the Netherlands.

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Our Services

DepoClaim works intensively to represent you in your case. As long as DepoClaim does not succeed in reclaiming unlawfully charged costs or the deposit, DepoClaim doesn’t ask for a fee. This means that DepoClaim is working in line with the No Cure No Pay Principle. All the advice that DepoClaim gives is for free, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise. DepoClaim is here to help you in any legal case.

Why DepoClaim?

DepoClaim has legal expertise and is eager to help those in need. DepoClaim helps mostly international tenants since they are an easy prey for landlords. We use our experiences in the field of Real Estate and our knowledge of the Dutch rental and procedural law to reach our goal: to bring justice to an unfair housing market in the Netherlands. This makes us an unique and dynamic duo that is determined to reach its goal: to help those who are in need of any legal advice and help!

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Do you experience rental problems and do you need free legal advice or representation? Or do you want more information about your rights as a tenant in the Netherlands? It might also be that you have any questions about our services in general. If you do, just send us a message! Get in contact with us by filling in the contact form.

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We want to make the housing market fairer

DepoClaim is a new Rotterdam initiative from Koen Dorsman and Victor Stijntjes. They help scammed tenants recover their deposit.

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