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What we do

DepoClaim helps tenants with their rental problems, including recovering the paid deposit. It often occurs that landlords keep the deposit after the rental contract has ended. Also, landlords charge unlawful costs at the beginning of the contract, such as administration costs. In this way landlords make use of their bargaining power and are enriched unlawfully. DepoClaim represents and helps tenants who are experiencing housing problems in the Netherlands. Next to that DepoClaim gives free advice to tenants before signing the contract.

Did your landlord charge vague costs at the beginning of the contract, such as ‘administration costs’ or ‘costs for drafting the contract’? These costs are illegal to charge under Dutch law. Another situation can be that you contract has ended within the last five years and you did not receive your deposit back. Do you think you are entitled to receive the full amount of deposit back? DepoClaim eagerly wants to help you in these cases.

Why choose DepoClaim?

DepoClaim takes care of your concerns regarding your legal rental problems. DepoClaim operates as your personal representative throughout the process. This means that all time investment and trouble related to the legal process will be covered by us.

DepoClaim possesses thorough knowledge of both Dutch rental law and Dutch civil procedure law. These legal areas are essential in representing you in your claim against the landlord. First, on grounds of Dutch rental law it must be assessed if the claim against the landlord is lawful. If this is the case, legal documentation that fulfil the requirements of Dutch civil procedure law must be drafted in order to successfully reclaim the deposit. Without adequate and full knowledge of the Dutch legal system, the process of reclaiming the deposit can be very time-consuming and frustrating. DepoClaim is here to take all these concerns off your hands.


The lack of knowledge of the two legal areas – Dutch rental law and Dutch civil procedure law – frequently results in unsuccessful attempts to reclaim deposits by mostly international tenants. DepoClaim is based in the Netherlands and is therefore able to quickly handle the claim. DepoClaim wants to help every tenant in the Netherlands to reclaim their deposit. If, in an extreme case, a judge is to decide upon the lawfulness of the withholding of the deposit, DepoClaim certainly has the capacities to represent you in the courtroom.

No Cure No Pay

DepoClaim provides for an all-in service based on the No Cure No Pay principle. This means that only in case of success of the recovery of the unlawful charged costs or the deposit, DepoClaim asks for a fee that is a percentage of the received amount. Any advice that DepoClaim gives is for free, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise. This assures you that DepoClaim prioritizes the success of the recovery of the claim.


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We want to make the housing market fairer

DepoClaim is a new Rotterdam initiative from Koen Dorsman and Victor Stijntjes. They help scammed tenants recover their deposit.

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