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The reclaiming process explained

DepoClaim works intensively to reclaim your deposit as soon as possible. As long as DepoClaim has no success, you will not have any obligations towards DepoClaim. This means that DepoClaim is working in line with the No Cure No Pay principle

Step 1 Contact us

Do you think that your landlord has charged unlawful costs at the beginning of your contract? Or do you think that your deposit is illegitimately kept by the landlord? Get in touch with us! Also when you are not sure about your legal position you can use our contact form on the website. Based on the information that we received from your inquiry, we will give a free advice regarding your case.

Step 2 Documentation

Next, we will ask you to send us all the information that you have regarding the case. The more information you provide us, the better we can represent you in your case, and the higher the possibility that your case will be a success.

Personal details will be handled with care according to the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act.

Step 3 Acceptance and Claim

Congratulations, we will work on your case! From this moment on, we will represent you in your case. We will send you our legal documentation so that we can legitimately represent you. This also means that you don’t have to worry about the legal process anymore.

Step 4 The refunding process

In this step we will use all the possibilities within the Dutch law system to refund your unlawful paid costs. Unfortunately, this process might take a few months. Therefore, we are forced to ask for some patience from your side. During the process we will regularly inform you with the most important updates. And of course, you can always reach us for all your questions.

Stap 5 Success!

We did it! We succeeded to help you in your case and reclaimed what you were entitled to! We will transfer the amount to your personal bank account. Together we brought justice to the Dutch housing market!


DepoClaim tries to ensure the recovery of the deposit or other unlawful paid costs. In order to execute our activities we charge a so-called Succesfee. To avoid any misunderstandings about our Succesfee, the fee is explained below. DepoClaim works according to the No Cure No Pay principle. This means that a payment only needs to be made when we have successfully received the deposit or other unlawful paid costs. This Succesfee includes all expenses that we make during the process. In this way you will not be surprised with unforeseen costs. The Succesfee will be a percentage of the total deposit. The height of this percentage will always be communicated transparently.

Every advice that DepoClaim gives is free of any charge. We want to inform you properly to let you know your legal situation. After giving the advice we will discuss the options to represent you in the case. Then our method of working is based on the mentioned No Cure No Pay principle.

Deposit Succesfee percentage
Up to € 1000,-- 35%
From € 1000,-- to € 1500,-- 30%
From € 1500,-- 25%

Terms and conditions

To represent you in your case, DepoClaim has some terms and conditions to guarantee that the deposit will be refunded.

Obligatory terms and conditions:

  • The rental contract must have been terminated within the last 5 years.
  • The rental contract applied to an accommodation (an apartment or living space).
  • You need to have proof of an invoice regarding the deposit that has been paid.

Additional terms and conditions These additional terms and conditions are not obligatory for the acceptance of your case. However, the more information you can provide, the better we can represent you. Think of all sorts of documents, such as:

  • Pictures / recordings of the room you rented before and after the rental period;
  • Written interaction between you and the house owner, or the company you rented from;
  • A form with the status of the room when you started renting the accommodation;
  • All other information that might be useful for the case. If you are not sure about the information you want to deliver, contact us and together we will assess if the information is useful.


  • Aelbrechtskade 157 B
  • Phone: +31 (0) 6 - 15 42 57 65
  • CoC: 70614725 0000
  • IBAN: NL87KNAB0257288899



We want to make the housing market fairer

DepoClaim is a new Rotterdam initiative from Koen Dorsman and Victor Stijntjes. They help scammed tenants recover their deposit.

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