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About us

We are Koen Dorsman and Victor Stijntjes and we are helping international tenants, predominantly in reclaiming property deposits. We combine our experience in the field of real estate with our knowledge of Dutch rental and procedural law. This makes us a unique duo and allows us to strive for our goal: doing our part in bringing justice to the Dutch property market.


Our mission

DepoClaim’s mission, in a nutshell, is to bring justice back to the Dutch property market. We all know someone who has personally experienced feelings of powerlessness towards a landlord. Therefore, DepoClaim’s mission is to provide solution in comparable cases.

It increasingly occurs that consumers are well aware of their rights but simply do not know how to contest legal claims apart from taking it to court. Typically, international tenants are aware of their legal rights, but lack the knowledge of law and its ramifications and procedures, which often results in them taking the fall. DepoClaim strives to aid these tenants and thereby increasing justice in the Dutch property market.

Who are we?

Koen has a master’s degree in Dutch law. Throughout Koen’s private law master’s program, he has acquired thorough knowledge of the Dutch rental and civil procedure law. Additionally, he drafted legal documents and provided legal aid to Dutch civilians facing legal issues. Due to his international interests together with his pressing longing for justice, Koen vigorously wants to stick up for international victims of power abusing landlords. This unique combination of interests enables Koen to be the perfect representative of international tenants who got caught up in processes of deposit reclamation.

Victor Stijntjes has a B.A. in Economics and Business economics from Utrecht University as well as a M.A. Entrepreneurship from both VU University and UVA University in Amsterdam. Moreover, Victor has attained substantial work experience in real estate, which got Victor acquainted with the insufficient supply of rental properties in Amsterdam. This acquired knowledge and work experience allows Victor, alongside Koen, to be indispensable for the success of DepoClaim.


  • Aelbrechtskade 157 B
  • Phone: +31 (0) 6 - 15 42 57 65
  • CoC: 70614725 0000
  • IBAN: NL87KNAB0257288899



We want to make the housing market fairer

DepoClaim is a new Rotterdam initiative from Koen Dorsman and Victor Stijntjes. They help scammed tenants recover their deposit.

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