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About us


DepoClaim originated from an alliance between a law student and a student real estate. Meanwhile, DepoClaim exists almost two years and found the niche in the market. DepoClaim considers international students, but also expats and Dutch tenants as their satisfied customers. The goal of DepoClaim? Making the Dutch housing market a little bit fairer and more honest. DepoClaim does so by reclaiming what's rightfully yours!

Our mission

DepoClaim’s mission is to bring justice to the Dutch housing market. The founders of DepoClaim have experienced the same powerlessness that the clients live with. Therefore DepoClaim knows the struggles and the emotions that go along with the legal process. This is why DepoClaim can offer a customer oriented service. DepoClaim reclaims what's rightfully yours in a communicative and fair way!


  • Bulgersteyn 7237
  • 3011 AB Rotterdam
  • CoC: 77513428
  • IBAN: NL87KNAB0257288899



We want to make the housing market fairer

DepoClaim is a new Rotterdam initiative from Koen Dorsman and Victor Stijntjes. They help scammed tenants recover their deposit.

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